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NRO Advanced Academic Degree Program for Active Duty Air Force

As part of the force development construct, the Advanced Academic Degree program (AAD) provides targeted developmental education and/or broadening developmental assignments for officers in eligible career fields. Developmental Team Special Program selections are some of the earliest opportunities for officers to begin building a complementary skill set through advanced academic degree or career broadening programs. For career broadening programs, 6XX officers are exposed to an operational environment, bringing that user-level experience back to the acquisition community. The 13S, 14N, and 21X officers are exposed to planning and programming issues and have an opportunity to contribute their unique user perspective to system acquisition. Every year, usually around March, the Academic and Special Utilization Branch at the Air Force Personnel Center publishes the available AAD Selection Process Guide. The guide includes the names of available programs, detailed application process/guidance and a nominal timeline for the entire program.

NOTICE: The AAD program applies to all Air Force active duty line officer positions in the grade of lieutenant colonel and below. It does not apply to US Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard members.

For more information about the AAD Program, contact FSS Force Development at 703-808-4367

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