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The United States Air Force (USAF) continues to make a significant commitment to the NRO through the work performed by highly skilled Air Force scientists, engineers, and acquisition and operations professionals. The work of these professionals serves the nation, as the systems managed by the NRO have become increasingly integrated into real-time combat operations; and USAF personnel serving in the NRO enhance collaboration between the nation's two major national security space organizations - the USAF and the NRO.

Air Force Civilians:

Some of the typical Air Force civilian opportunities at the NRO are:

Budget Analyst: Responsible for reviewing budget estimates and reports from a wide variety of appropriations, financial statements, and overall program plans to forecast for long-range funding. Monitors and controls the obligation and expenditures of funds for program purposes. Skill levels vary; Federal Government budgetary experience is strongly preferred.

Contract Specialist: Responsible for pre- and post-award acquisition functions involving highly specialized procurements critical to the national security and defense of the United States. Skill levels vary; Federal Government contract experience (Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations (DFAR)) is strongly preferred.

General Engineers Responsible for maintaining daily programmatic functions and management of program expenditures in support of satellite and ground systems. Performs technical evaluations as required and develops statements of work and request for proposals. Drafts and executes technical instructions. Advocates with mission partners and maintains an enterprise system engineering approach at all phases of the acquisition lifecycle to ensure readiness of new systems. Skill levels vary.

Electrical Engineer: Functions as a project engineer for electronics engineering projects of major significance, utilizing an in-depth knowledge of engineering disciplines. As level progresses, serves as a senior systems engineer responsible for prioritizing resources, sustaining business processes and implementing strategic, business, and management plans. Ensures systems best practices are applied to design and development, integration, validation, configuration management, deployment and maintenance for assigned programs. Skill levels vary.

IT Specialist: Responsible for consultation on software requirements and design specifications and procedures to test and assess software functions and safety. Conducts data analysis and prepares reports which provide an assessment of the performance compared to the stated requirements. Briefs findings and provides recommendations on system performance based on results obtained from analysis. As level progresses, responsible for millions of dollars of national space programs and assets and may serve as the principal program manager responsible for protecting sensitive information and critical communications system infrastructure. Skill levels vary.

Program Manager: Responsible for providing expertise, overseeing development and contractor quality assurance, product assurance, safety, and supply chain management for extremely complex surveillance satellite development. Some specific areas of responsibility may include propulsion, subsystem/satellite interfaces (structural, dynamic, thermal, power, data), environmental requirements and compatibility testing. Skill levels vary.

Those interested in positions at the NRO as an Air Force Civilian should send their resume to

Please understand that this is not a direct application to a current open position. By submitting your resume here, it will be reviewed against current and future opportunities.

Air Force civilian vacancies for the NRO are posted on OPM's USAJobs: usually with a Chantilly, VA location. Note: "NRO" is not always listed in the vacancy announcement.

Air Force Military:

Assignments to the NRO for active duty Air Force Personnel are, with a few exceptions, four-year assignments. There are opportunities in many areas to include: Acquisition, Space, Communication, and enlisted support specialists.

Air Force military personnel seeking an assignment to the NRO should email a resume to Ensure your Core AFSC/CAFSC is included along with Grade, Name, and SSN.

**PLEASE NOTE: The NRO Air Force Element is committed to protecting privacy and will collect no personal information about you unless you choose to provide that information to the NRO. The resume data you submit will be used for employment consideration only and will be stored in an internal resume system for six months. Your data will only be available internally.

By submitting your resume via email, you understand that the authority for soliciting your Social Security Number (SSN) is Executive Order 9397. Since other people may have the same name and date of birth, your SSN will be used to identify you precisely. Although disclosure of your SSN is not mandatory, you must understand that your failure to do so will impede completion of your application.

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